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Iplan endeavours to become the most trusted financial planners of India, trying to simplify the complicated subject of Financial Planning.

Unlike most western countries, people in India do not enjoy social security, like pension, free healthcare and education and so on. There is a lot of dependency on the bread earner of the family, who spends roughly 25-40 years of his/her life to provide for essential needs like marriage, childbirth, education/marriage of the children, buying a house/car, vacations and retirement. Though these requirements are common, some attend to them comfortably and some find it extremely difficult to manage. This is one of the most common problem-area arising out of an adhoc approach when it comes to planning for one’s self. As far as investments are concerned, investors end up buying what 'Companies want to sell' rather than what 'they need to buy'. Here, iplan helps you make informed financial decisions that truly serves your purpose.


Iplan’s advisory panel has more than 24 years of collective experience in investment advisory, financial planning, asset management, and banking services at the top most financial institutions of India. At Iplan, high-end sophisticated methodology and research tools are used to provide the investors with the most efficient and unbiased solutions, as per their risk-appetite, which is also in tandem with their financial goals. Just share your requirements for short term or long term goals, and we do everything for you systematically.
Iplan team comprises of expert financial planners who know the knacks and ways of saving every penny wisely. We know that every client has unique problems, and so are the solutions!


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