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Have You Ever Thought About The Amount Needed For Child’s Education?

Financial planning for child’s education is a concern that continues to exist within the hearts of every parent. Parents don’t want their kids to go through the pain, hardship, shortage of money & resources, which were once acknowledged by them. Let iplan take the responsibility to guide and enlighten your investments, to cover your financial needs for this goal at the deepest level. Try our easy to use education planning calculator.

Nowadays education in India has become very costly, the schools are charging lakhs of money even for a kindergarten kid. It has become mandatory to spend a fortune to get the quality education. The charges that schools are imposing on parents are too high and even an upper middle class family are unable to afford it. This is the reason why it is important to have a child education plan even before they are born. A parent would never want their child to suffer due to lack of education. In the world where having a graduation degree has become mandatory, it is important for the parents to think and plan the best for their children so that they can pursue their dreams without any hurdles.

No matter which course your child takes and whatever is their passion, it is important to fund them financially so that they can achieve what they want. But how to start the child saving plan! This is an important question that has been bugging most of the parents. Yes, most of the parents do not know how to plan efficiently and save for their child’s education. But do not worry because you have Iplan to help you. Iplan is into financial consultancy where you can plan for your child’s education, marriage and your retirement too. We assist you in your wealth management.

If you want to plan your child’s education, then get an appointment with our team of experienced financial planners. They will help you in child investment plans. We have highly experienced financial planning team who will leave no stone unturned when it comes to assist you.

Let your children follow their passion while you assist them financially. With our years of experience and skills, we will aid you in the entire planning process. Our child education plan calculator will tell you the amount that you have to save depending upon the age of your child. We use all the latest technologies to make sure that your planning goes well. We will help you in understanding the funding that is required to plan your child’s education. Do not let your child’s dream die just because of money, remember that we are here to assist you.

Child's Education Calculator

1 25
16 25
0 1,00,00,000
Time to goal- years
5 8
Future value of cost of higher education
Monthly investment required at
20% 15% 12% 10% 8%

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